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The Orchid Images Story.

We started with a few Cymbidiums and native Dendrobiums in the late seventies. A visit to York Meredith's Nursery in Sydney (sadly no longer exists) caused major brain expansions to both of us! What an amazing collection of never before seen orchids! Of course, we just had to grow them all, and proceeded over the next ten years, to successfully grow
most varieties. Most of these unique plants are still thriving in our
nursery. Some are now magnificent specimens.
Terry and Danuta Morrissey’s passion for growing orchids led to the formation of Orchid Images Nursery in a Sydney backyard in 1986.

In 1987, after using conventional cultural methods for some years, including highly toxic chemicals, they began to convert to safer, more “organic” ways to grow their plants. The Orchid collection began to show the benefits of natural culture, producing healthy plants and more prizes at Orchid Shows, including Champions at Sydney's Royal Easter Show.
Terry gave Organic Cultural talks at most Metropolitan and Country Orchid Societies. Unfortunately, there was not much interest shown by other growers at that time - too unwilling to get off the chemical treadmill! But the times are changing - at last!

After much deliberation we decided to leave our long careers in film and television production, (and that’s another story), and go ‘bush’.

By 1993, after a two-year search, a lovely block in Kangaroo Valley became the site for the new nursery. Located on the road to Tallowa Dam, it enjoys a long day-length and panoramic all-round views of the majestic escarpment of Eastern Australia.
As a result of drought and the lack of resources normally available to a business of this nature, some years of struggle followed, but by 1999, it became clear that the fundamentals of a successful business were being established.

We are now able to propagate seedlings, and develop new hybrids from organically grown Orchids, Hoyas, Bromeliads, and some wonderful Epiphyllums. These will be available as seedlings, or in sterile flasks for Export.

Orchid Images is Australia's First Organic Orchid Nursery. The fact that we do not spray toxic chemicals is appreciated by the growing number of our regular customers, and repeat visits by tour groups.
Orchid Images has grown into a unique place where plant lovers can enjoy a wide variety of some rare and unusual plants, and accurate, friendly service.

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NURSERY OPEN 10am. to 4pm. FRIDAY TO SUNDAY. (Any other time by arrangement)

Ph/Fax: +61 02 4465 1655 (Business Hours)



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